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Tragedy in Tragidor Walkthrough


Base Walkthrough


Arrival in Tragidor:

Here there is not much to do. After the cutscene ends, Talk to Dirk Westgate to get your bearings and ask about where you are and what Tragidor is like. Eventually Sergei Wetell will interupt you and get mad at Dirk for screwing around. You can then talk to Rogath who won't give you any new information but will give you a little conversation on how long you'll be there. Of course Sergei will interrupt and tell you to stop bothering his men so they will do their job and tell you to get a room at the Inn. The only other person worth talking to is Manny, one of the Caravan Drivers who will tell you about a Dice game Dond will be running later.

Once you are done there By the Inn is William Klenner, Laurick Blake, and Bjorn Klenner, they are having a little arguement regarding the recent orc attacks on Tragidor. You will have the abillity to interject and even take sides if you want.


First Night at the Inn

1. Breen Luskow and Hens Milly (Malcom Rumor)

2. Jonathon and Max (Grig Secret Way)

3. Braggi the Innkeeper (Room Key)

4. Selmia the Cook (Malcom's Lover)

5. Lancen Gruber and Dharak Grennesh (General Rumors)

6. Jack and Zach (Talk about Laurick and the Orc Events) And Samuel Bennett who hints about a mysterious guest at Old Man Wilkers place.



  • Tragidor Inn:

Watch the speakstrings as the NPCs at in the Tavern talk. They will give clues as to things going on in Tragidor, talk to them, and they will tell you all the rumors in town. If you are a Drow, Druegar, Tiefling, or in some cases a half orc... some of them will be downright hostile to you. Talk to Selmia in the Kitchen to find out about the Ranger Malcom. Talk to Jonathon to find out about the Secret way around the Orc Fort.


  • Resting for the Night:

You will have to buy a Key from Braggi the Inkeeper. He will of course talk to you and you can get some information out of him regarding an old grudge between William Klenner and Laurick Blake. Go upstairs and go to the room you purchased a Key for, the large one is the Merchant room, the smaller ones are the common rooms. These are for roleplay value and won't affect the game.


The Next Morning

1. Dond's Dice game.

2. Merina (Halfling Rogue companion)

3. Dirk Westgate and Manny

4. Sergei, Rogath, and Carlos argueing

5. Breen Luskow

6. Jack and Zach

7. Selmia


  • The Next Morning:

By now, William Klenner has gone through town and told everyone about his offer and you. And everyone has asked Sergei about you. News travels fast in a small town.

You will wake up, go downstairs and the entire bar area will be different. The caravan guards and drivers are now downstairs either playing dice or drinking. Talk to Breen Luskow to find out some information about Selmia and Malcom regarding things not going too well between them. Talk to Selmia, if you are playing a female character or you make a spot check you will see she is pregnant, this is the reason she is so desperate to find Malcom. Also in the bar is an adorable little halfling names Merina, she is the first of the companions you can pick up. She is a rogue and the conversation with her will allow you to glean this information. Talk to Manny and Dirk and find out that Sergei is going to have the run the blockade, a feat which is surely suicidal.


At the corner table is Sergei, Rogath, and Carlos all arguing over this point. Talk to them to try to talk them out of it, but it will do you no good, the conversation is a funny one though. At this stage you're just a peon and Sergei treats you that way, they ignore you.


You can also talk to Jack and Zach who will talk a little about Laurick and a little more of a run down on the situation.



Town of Tragidor

1. Log Cabin Inn

2. Trent's Leather Goods

3. Simon the Blacksmith

4. Geddy's Dry Goods

5. Silver Marches Logging Company

6. Laurick's House (break in through the back door)

7. Old Man Wilkers

8. Road to the Orc Blockade

9. Prescillia's Grave

10. Secret Way

11. Back Roads of Tragidor



After you leave the Inn you step out into broad daylight in Tragidor. there are several areas of interest.


  • Trent the Tanner:

Find out a little more about Klenner's grudge with Laurick.

Trent sells all maner of leather goods including some scout chainmail and masterwork leather armor as well as white wolf reinforced armor. Also you can buy Umber Hulk hide cloaks (Cloak of Protection +1 by another name), Forest Cloak (+ Hide in Shadows), Hard Leather Boots (+1 survival skill), Soft Leather Boots (+1 move silent), and Backpacks (weight reduction bags).


  • Simon the Blacksmith:

Talk to Simon to find out about Malcom. Also he will talk about the last invasion of the Black Horde. The Orc attacks of 300 years ago. He will tell you about his ancestors being some of those who were there are an old ruined keep that was overrun long ago, and tell you that he will pay for any family heirlooms you can find in there.

Simon like most small village blacksmiths doesn't know how to make normal steel weapons, he can only make cold iron weapons. His shop is filled with them. Note you best buy some of them, in the later stages of the game you will fight Demons. Cold Steel weapons are the only things that can hurt them. You will also fight some werewolves, so you may want some silvered weapons also.


  • Geddy the Dry Goods salesman:

Geddy actually sides with Laurick on the matter of the Orcs, talking to him will reveal his suspicious nature and annoyance at what he considers a "cowboy mentality" of William Klenner and You. Fortunately he'll still sell to you anyway. Basically he sells lower priced potions but doesn't have that many of them. He also has Alchemical fire for taking down trolls.


  • Old Man Wilkers:

Old man Wilkers is actually plot central to the story. In the initial conversation he will tell you he is just a simple healer and mage, and he will also sell you all kinds of potions, but they are a little more expensive. Later, when you find the Mysterious Note in Ugrak's desk and show it to him, he will open the door to the upper floor and you can acquire Delacya, the Drow Cleric as a 3rd Companion. You will also be able to find out the history behind the Asberdies Stone.


  • Silver Marches Logging Company

Here you can find William Klenner, after speaking to him you can finalize the deal to accept the contract to kill the orc leader. You can also pick up Bjorn as a Companion here, Bjorn is a Barbarian with Great Cleave and loves his Axe. He will be upstairs waiting when you arrive and eager to Join.


  • Prescillia's Grave

A short cutscene will ensue here if you have Bjorn and or Merina with you. They will talk about Prescillia and the legend behind her and Lanston Mills. Also you will find a strange locket that calls out to you. Take this with you to eventually know the true story behind what happened to Lanston Mills.


  • Orc Blockade:

This is the area transition to the Orc Blockade, if you take this route you will be taking on the Orc Blockade head on, it is designed to be an encounter much more powerful than the levels suggested for this module, so you will most likely die if you take it on. A cutscene will ensue here if you have Bjorn or Merina in the party showing their reluctance to go any further. You can choose to ignore what they say and do it anyway... but you were at least warned.


  • Secret Way:

This is Grig's secret way around the orc blockade, it's a hidden path in the woods that goes around the roadblock and will bring you to the north side of the Moonwood.


  • Tragidor Backroads:

This area transition will only open up after you've been to the Deepwoods area and used the area transition at the other end to go back to Tragidor. Once you do that this will allow you to go directly back to the deepwoods to save time.


Into the Forest

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